Molybdenum Disk

Molybdenum disk can be divided into two types from the perspective of processing. There are ram compression molybdenum disk and sintered molybdenum disk. JINXING company is a top one among disk manufacturers, it controls strictly in from the raw material selection to the processing line and the product testing. Surface of our molybdenum disk is with good luster under special polishing. Our molybdenum disk product in China is good quality with competitive price.

Molybdenum Disk-3


Molybdenum disk is used as contactor materials for vacuum circuit breaker and the fusions of thyristors.

Types,Chemical Compositions and Specifications:

Molybdenum disk(ram compression)

Molybdenum Disk-7

Molybdenum disk(sintered)

Molybdenum Disk-8

3.specification and main properties:

Molybdenum Disk-9


Molybdenum Disk-4 Molybdenum Disk-5 Molybdenum Disk-6

Molybdenum Disk-1Molybdenum Disk-2

If customers require, the product of blasted and ground on either one or both sides can be supplied. And we can offer various molybdenum disks with specific thickness and diameters of your requirements.