Molybdenum Sheet

Molybdenum is characterized by high melting point(2610℃), low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance against molten metals and glass. Molybdenum is excellent element for coating materials. Molybdenum coating is used to making parts of airplane and autos, such as piston ring, synchro collar and others.

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In addition, we also offer molybdenum alloy sheet. Molybdenum alloy is made from Molybdenum as matrix compound with other non-ferrous metals such as titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten and with further processing, molybdenum alloy sheet comes out. The applications of molybdenum sheet are very widely. It could used for producing electric light source parts, components of electric vacuum and electric power semiconductor. Molybdenum sheet is also applied for making molybdenum boats, heat shield and heat bodies in high temperature furnace and sputtering targets. We can produce molybdenum sheet under 1.0 mm, and the exact size we could tailor according to your requirements. Please note that commonly the thickness less than 1.0 mm we call molybdenum sheet and thickness more than 1.0 mm we call molybdenum plate.

Molybdenum alloys chemical compositions

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Molybdenum sheet dimensions and tolerance:(mm)

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Molybdenum Sheet-1 Molybdenum Sheet-2


we could offer the custom tailored service, please contact us with your list of requirements.