Niobium sheet

Niobium is a metallic element. Niobium can absorb gas and can be used for gas removing agent. Niobium is also a kind of good conductor.

Niobium sheet-1


Niobium sheet is manufactured from niobium powder by rolling.

Material:  RO4200-1, RO4210-2

Size: Thickness (mm)    Width (mm)    Length (mm)

Foil  0.03-0.09       30-300       >50

Sheet 0.1-0.5       30-800       30-2000

Board  0.5-10       50-1000      50-3000

Standard: As per ASTM B393-98

Purity: ≧99.9%or 99.95%

Properties of niobium sheet:

Niobium sheet can resist corrosion and high temperature.

Applications of niobium sheet:

Niobium sheet can be applied in chemical industry, medical treatment, glasses, electric power, electroplate, electron, aviation, aerospace, military project, etc.

Table 1. Chemical composition:


Table 2. Mechanical requirements (annealed condition)

Grade Tensile strength  δbpsi (MPa), ≥ Yield strength  δ0.2, psi (MPa),≥ Elongation in 1″/2″ gage length, %, ≥
>=0.010 <0.010
18000 (125) 12000 (85) 25 20

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