Tantalum tube

Some tantalum information: tantalum belongs to the rare metal. Because of titanium lively character, having high requirements to the smelting process , people could not get plenty of titanium for a long time. Tantalum has high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Tantalum is widely used in the aviation industry, the shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, mechanical parts manufacturing, telecommunications equipment. Nowadays, some tantalum manufacturers uses advanced technology to develop tantalum recycling.

tube description

Tantalum tube is produced from tantalum rod. Tantalum tube has seamless tantalum tube and seamed tantalum tube.

Properties of tantalum tube:

Titanium tube has such properties as light quality, high strength and superior mechanical properties.

Applications of tantalum tube:

Tantalum is widely used in chemical equipment, especially the main heat transfer equipment. Tantalum pipe also can be used in electric power industry, metallurgical industry, fertilizer industry, seawater desalination industry. Tantalum is made into capacitor and equipment used in the military equipment.

JINXING can manufacture tantalum tube according to customers’ requirements.

Table 1. Chemical composition:


 Outside diameter, inch (mm)

Diameter tolerance, inch(mm), +/- 

Permissible variation in wall thickness, %, +/- 

 <1 (25.4)

0.004 (0.102) 


 1~1.5 (25.4~38.1)

0.005 (0.127) 


 1.5~2 (38.1~50.8)

0.006 (0.152) 


 2~2.5 (50.8~63.5)

0.007 (0.178) 


 2.5~3.5 (63.5~88.9)

0.010 (0.254) 


Table2. Permissible variations in diameter & wall thickness


Table3. Mechanical requirements (annealed condition)


Tensile strength  δbpsi (MPa), ≥

Yield strength  δ0.2, psi (MPa),≥

 Elongation in 1"/2" gage length, %, ≥


30000 (207)

20000 (138)



40000 (276) 

28000 (193) 



70000 (481) 

60000 (414) 



40000 (276) 

28000 (193) 


Special requirements to be agreed on by the supplier and buyer of negotiation

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