Titanium bar

Titanium bar is produced by shaping, sintering and grinding.

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Properties of titanium bar:

Titanium bar has low density, high specific strength, low thermal conductivity, no magnetic property and no toxin and strong tensile strength.

Applications of titanium bar:

Titanium bar is most widely used in the commercially pure titanium pressure,vessel some fittings parts and fastening pieces and medical appliance. Titanium bar is also used as titanium fasteners, such as titanium bolts and titanium nuts.

JINXING Co., Ltd can produce titanium bar according to customers’ drawing. Special requirements will be agreed on by the titanium suppliers and titanium buyers of negotiation.

Allowable Deviation of Titanium rod(mm):

Diameter or Thickness

Allowable Deviation

Hot forged bar

Hot roll bar

Cold rolled bar



+0.6, -0.5




+0.7, -0.5




+1.0, -0.5




+1.2, -0.8




+1.5, -1.0




+2.0, -1.0














Deviation of length(mm): L<500, +5max;  L>500, +10max


Degree of Curvature:

Processing method

Diameter or Thickness (mm)

Degree of Curvature


Hot processing

< 35


Hot processing



Hot processed, polished


cold processed round, square bar

< 35



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