Titanium flange

JinXing forged titanium flange or titanium flange plate. All the titanium flange and titanium alloy flange could be customized as drawing or demands.

Titanium flange-1


Titanium flanges provide a complete range of fittings to mount with tubing sized from 1 inch up to 12 inches in diameter. The titanium flange system consists of two titanium flanges, a sealing ring and bolt fasteners to compress the seal between the two titanium flanges plate. A pair of titanium flanges must have one grooved flange to accept the sealing ring and one smooth face flange onto which the seal will be made. Titanium flanges are manufactured for compatibility with 150 lbs. The titanium flange specification is originally created for use with steam pipes.

Titanium flanges are slip on titanium flange, welding neck titanium flange, threaded titanium flange, plain titanium flange, blind titanium flange, lap joint titanium flange, socket welding titanium flange, etc.


Welding neck flange is circumferentially welded into the system at it’s neck. The bore of both pipe and flange match. And the details as the following photo.

Titanium flange-2