Tungsten Copper

JINXING Metal has more than 10 years experience to produce the copper tungsten alloy. we use the advanced vacuum infiltration process and all of the product fulfill the standard of GB/T8320-2003 and ASTM B702. Our copper tungsten equivalent to  5W3, 10W3, 10W53, A1WC, A10WC, A20WC, A30WC, 20W3, class10, Class11, Class12, CuW75, CuW70, CuW80, tungsten copper, CuW.

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copper tungsten is the pseudo-alloy. It has the wear resistance capability of tungsten and high electrical conductivity of copper.

Tungsten Copper Properties:

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Tungsten copper process follow chart:  powder mix – press – sintering -vacuum infiltration -machining. All the process step is strictly controled by quality assurance. So our products have good performance and stable quality.

Tungsten copper rotary electrodes material properties:

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