Tungsten Heater

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Tungsten heater is made of tungsten filament. Tungsten heater is twisted synthesis of single or more strands according to samples or drawings of specific requirements. The used tungsten wire can be pure tungsten or tungsten alloy wire. Tungsten filament diameter is in the range of 0.2 – 1.2mm.


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Characteristics of tungsten heater:

Tungsten heater has tungsten material properties: a high melting point and high corrosion resistance. The crystal structure of tungsten heater is compact.

Applications of tungsten heater:

Tungsten heater is used to make aluminizing of monochrome picture tube, aluminizing of colour picture tube, aluminizing of plating mirror and plastic, aluminizing of plating toys and plastic, aluminizing in semiconductor industry and aluminizing of plating metal with great power.


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