Tungsten Tube

With special equipments, Company can precisely provide tungsten tubes with different specifications, which may reflect the real performance of tungsten tube.

Tungsten composition is more than 99.95%.

The crystal structure of tungsten tube is compact.

Tungsten Tube-1


Features and applications of tungsten tube:

We have tungsten alloy tube and tungsten seamless thin- wall tube. Tungsten alloy tube and tungsten seamless thin-wall tube has high melting temperature, high strength, good thermal conductivity and spalling resistance. Tungsten alloy tube and tungsten seamless thin-wall tube can be used as the parts of electron tubes and the heating elements of high temperature furnace. They also can be made into tungsten wedding rings.The highest temperature in service can be up to 3000℃.

The possible interal injuries of tungsten tube such as porosity, slag and cracks are doubly strictly inspected with eddy current and ultrasonic equipments by us to ensure the quality of tungsten tube.

Properties of tungsten tube

1.menchanical properties:

Hardness  Hv>450

Density  d>19.2g/cm3

2. microstructure(vertical section)

The fibred structure

The initial recrystallization temperature 1200–1250℃

Zhengzhou JINXING Company can produce 15 tons of tungsten tube every month.


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