Zirconium wire

Zirconium wire


Zirconium is characterized by its amazing corrosive resistance, high melting point and ultra high hardness and strength. Zirconium is used as alloying element to produce zirconium alloy wire with high mechanical properties. For its excellent strength and high temperature properties, it is used to manufacture zirconium welding wire.

Specification of Zr and Zr Alloy Wire


ASTM B550-92,ASME SB550


R60702,  Unalloy Zirconium

R60704,  Alloy Zr + Sn

R60705,  Alloy Zr + Nb


Diameter:0.5mm to 6.0mm

Length:1000mm / 914mm


Straight wire or wire in coil


1.      High special strength high melt point 

2.      Excellent corrosive resistance

3.      Good thermal resistance. 


1.      Chemical industry

2.      Aerospace, Spaceflight

3.      Surgical implants

4.      Coating

5.      Marine engineering and other aspects

6.      Electronic components, etc.

We could offer various sizes of zirconium wires according to your specific requirements. If you are interested our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.